Employment and Legal Services


Australian Federation of Employers and Industries (AFEI) is engaged by IBCA to handle all matters in regard to Wages, Awards, Employee Entitlements and issues etc.

The AFEI is a truly national Federation acting on behalf of Employers in many other business areas. We urge you to visit the AFEI website www.afei.org.au to view the full list of Employer assistance and activities.

A file containing a ‘Welcome Letter’ from AFEI explaining the many benefits and support for IBCA members is listed below Current Wage Rates. (Left side of this page) Please note this ‘Welcome Letter’ is written to IBCA (As a group) so AFEI will not be contacting members individually.

Important! How to Access AFEI Services:

For your initial contact, all correspondence and requests will be directed via IBCA!

1. Request Information:
e.g. Wage rates, employee entitlements, employment dispute, long service rules etc
Option 1: Email info@ibca.com.au (Your request in writing)
Option 2: Call: Edi De Pellegrin – Telephone: 1300 783 123

2. AFEI News/Updates:
e.g. Wage rate updates, Fair Work Australia Award Decisions, Union Requests etc
Option 1: IBCA Broadcast Email
Option 2: IBCA Website (www.ibca.com.au) – In particular current Wages Rates etc.

Important Note: All information in relation to member requests will be treated as confidential as per AFEI and IBCA Constitution rules.