Bowling Functions Sales Strategy and New Functions Artwork

A Sales Strategy to Increase Function Bookings

It’s Time to Start Selling Again!

It’s time to take on a ‘sales oriented focus’ for the bowling business.

Why? Most bowling centres have lost the art and the skill of selling that was a core factor in building their businesses in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Instead, most bowling centres have relied on ‘mass marketing’ to attract enough new and repeat business to allow them to achieve the levels of trade needed to maintain a healthy profit and a successful operation.

Now that most traditional mass marketing media is becoming more and more costly and increasingly ineffective, bowling centres are now being forced to review their marketing strategies that are no longer working and develop new ‘proactive’ sales strategies to engage existing and potential new customers in various ways to generate leads, referrals and extra sales.

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There is still a place for some limited mass marketing, (e.g. the occasional local area letterbox drop campaign, local newspaper etc), but increasingly small ‘targeted’ sales campaigns with clear objectives and goals, a defined target market group and ‘measurable’ sales results will be the way of the future.

New media, (internet marketing, email marketing, social media marketing), will play a part in the overall strategy, but will only be a part of the solution and not the ‘silver bullet’ to solve every marketing problem.

We all need to be more ‘proactive’ in selling Tenpin Bowling ‘Fun Functions’.

To help IBCA members to set up an in-house sales team and to start making sales calls to potential function clients, IBCA has prepared a Bowling Functions Sales Strategy Manual with helpful information about setting up a contact database and scripts for staff to use when making sales calls plus some new Fun Functions artwork that members can download and customise for their centre.

If you’d like help customising the artwork for your centre please contact Les Berry who can assist for a nominal artwork fee. Mobile: 0412 873 416 or Email:

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