Active Adults Promotional Material

Target Age Group 50+

Do you want to attract more ‘Active Adults to your centre?

Most bowling centres have been operating for 30 years or more . . . think about the number of people that have passed through your centre over that time, it would be many tens of thousands! League and social players who previously bowled in your centre as kids or young adults are now probably 50 years of age or more. What do these people all have in common? They all know about your centre, they know how to bowl, their children have grown up and they probably have more time now to do activities for themselves. As the ‘baby boomer’ generation moves into their retirement years there is an enormous opportunity for bowling proprietors and managers to target this group of experienced bowlers, remind them of the good times they had when they bowled and endeavour to attract them back to bowling as a regular activity.

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Recently, a number of centres have noticed an increase of 50+ bowlers returning to the sport, some for traditional league bowling but many more just wanting a fun ‘social’ outing once a week. One centre has seen a small  group of half a dozen bowlers grow to around 24 bowlers who typically bowl 2 games each week, (non competitive, they don’t worry too much about the scores), and just enjoy the social interaction, meeting new people and enjoying a coffee and chat at the end of their session.

Another point to consider is that with the divorce rate at around 50%, where do mature aged people go to meet new people and possibly a new life partner? Bowling centres are a safe place for singles to meet and interact with new people on a regular basis in a casual setting, where they can enjoy the company of good people, listen to great music that brings back memories and share good times together.

We believe that it’s important that management and staff don’t refer to this target market as ‘seniors’ or ‘oldies’, we believe the term ‘Active Adults’ is much better. So when talking to people in the 50+ age group you can say that your centre offers ‘Active Adults’ programs that can include traditional league bowling or a more casual, once a week bowling session.

Getting started!

Apart from in-centre and local advertising a great place to start to find ‘active adults’ for your centre is Retirement Villages in your area. Most retirement villages are looking for activities for their residents and most have their own minibuses that can provide transport to and from your centre. Click here to find retirement villages in your local area. There are also many ‘Seniors Groups’ in most areas . . . a quick search on Google will help you to locate your nearest groups. Click here to see an example of a seniors group that are always organising outings and activities for their members . . . there will be groups like this in your region.

To help IBCA members to market to this large pool of people in your local area, IBCA has arranged free Active Adults artwork that members can download and customise for their centre. (Click here to see an example of a customised A4 Brochure and click here to see an example of a customised A2 Poster.) If you’d like help customising the artwork for your centre please contact Les Berry who can assist for a nominal artwork fee. Mobile: 0412 873 416 or Email:

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